With the Timeline Express – Popups Add-On you can display your announcements in a popup on the same page as your timeline. This prevents your users from being redirects to another page when trying to view the announcements.

When a user clicks on the ‘Read More’ link or they click on the icon container in the center of the timeline, a popup will appear and the announcement content will be populated in the container with links to the next and previous items in the timeline.

As users click the next and previous navigation links within the popup, the page will slide up or down to the appropriate timeline announcement, ensuring that when they exit out of the popup they are in the correct location on the timeline.

The content of the popups is populated using the new WordPress REST API. This ensures that the content populates the announcement popup quickly – without delay.

The Popups add-on works very well with the Timeline Express – Post Types Add-on, allowing you to display additional post types (posts, pages etc.) in the popups!


Popups Demo:

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Current Version: 1.3.1

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Curious how Timeline Express – Popups Add-On works? Check out the demo we have setup.

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