With this free add-on you can quickly and effortlessly remove the icons associated with each announcement on the timeline. This can be done globally for all timelines on your site, or on a per-timeline basis.

This has been a highly requested feature, so we have taken it upon ourselves to build out an add-on to hide the icons on both the dashboard and on the front end of the site.

No Icons Globally

When Timeline Express – No Icons Add-On is activated, a new settings tab will be created on the Timeline Express settings page. The new settings page contains an option which allows you to remove the icons across all of the timelines on your site.

Individual Timelines

The Timeline Express – No Icons Add-On extends the base plugin by enabling a new shortcode parameter that can be used with any of our timelines. The new shortcode parameter available to use is `no-icons` and can be set to 1 or 0. When set to 1, the timeline will display without the icons – but instead will display a smaller circle with the assigned color.

Example Usage:

[timeline-express no-icons="1"]

No Icons Demo:

View No Icons Demo


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Curious how Timeline Express – No Icons Add-On works? Check out the demo we have setup.

View the Demo