Important: This product bundle includes Timeline Express Pro and all of our free and premium add-ons for Timeline Express. Additionally, any future add-ons released will be added to this bundle – granting you access to future products. All products in the bundle will allow for up to 5 or 10 site activations.

The Timeline Express Bundle grants you access to the Timeline Express pro plugin as well as all of our free and premium add-ons that we have built out. This bundle can be purchased in both 5 and 10 site licenses, meaning you can activate the base plugin and all of our add-ons on up to 10 sites for one low price.

Purchasing each add-on individually, with a five site license, would run upwards of $200.00. Purchasing this bundle gets you the greatest discount and access to all of our current and future add-ons.

When it comes time to renew your license, you can do so at a discounted rate of 40%. That means when it comes time to renew – Timeline Express Pro and all of our add-ons will only cost $59.40!

Included In This Bundle:

Timeline Express

Timeline Express Pro comes packed with all of the same features as the free version but has additional features enabled to enhance the functionality of Timeline Express out of the…

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Timeline Express – AJAX Limits Add-On

Limit your Timeline to a set number of announcements, and display a ‘Load More’ button beneath, allowing users to load more announcements onto the timeline. This prevents your pages from becoming unruly in length if you display many announcements.

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Timeline Express – Single Column Add-On

With the Single Column Add-on for Timeline Express you can set specific timelines to display in a single column format. This is similar to the default mobile layout, with a few style enhancements. This has been requested numerous times, so here it is – free of charge!

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Timeline Express – White Label Add-On

With the White Label Add-on for Timeline Express you can remove any and all branding and reference to Code Parrots. If you’d prefer that your client not see any reference to our branding, so you don’t confuse them, this is the add-on for you. Remove logos, text, links and more that reference Code Parrots.

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Timeline Express – Twitter Feeds Add-On

Convert specified timelines into Twitter feeds. Twitter feeds can come from a user account, a combination of users, search terms, geo-location (latitude/longitude) or a combination of any of the above. Timelines can also be set to live reload, so you always see the latest tweets.

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Timeline Express – No Icons Add-On

Remove the icon selection field on the announcement creation page, and remove the icons associated with each announcement the front end of your site. Removing the icons can be done globally or per-timeline so you have full control.

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Timeline Express – Popups Add-On

Display timeline announcement content in a beautiful popup. Stop redirecting users to single content pages and pull up the announcement content in a popup container. Users can browse through the timeline using the navigation links or the arrow keys on their keyboard.

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Timeline Express – Date & Time Add-On

When active, the Timeline Express – Date – Time Add-On will hide the default announcement date field, and generate a date and time field for you to use. Multiple announcements…

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Timeline Express – BC/AD Dates Add-On

With the Timeline Express – BC/AD Dates Add-On you can convert existing announcements into BC dates (eg: 02/04/156 BC) or create new announcements and set them as BC dates. On…

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Timeline Express – Sliders Add-On

Display Sliders in place of the default announcement banner images.

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Timeline Express – This Day in History Add-On

Limit the timeline announcements to only events that occurred on the current or specified date in history.

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Purchase the Timeline Express complete product bundle now and save yourself or your client money!

$99.00 – $149.00

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Don't forget to bundle and save! Purchase Timeline Express and 1 or more add-ons and receive a 20% discount off your purchase.