Some themes append new content onto the page content through the the_content() filter. Timeline Express explicitly strips out any HTML for security purposes when rendering the announcement content on the timeline.

This may cause some issues with certain themes. Some users have reported seeing strange code appended onto the end of the first announcement content.


Timeline Express – Announcement Code Appended Bug Example


The easiest solution is to customize the timeline container template and to remove wp_kses_post() from around the Timeline Express excerpt function (timeline_express_get_announcement_excerpt( $post->ID ) around line 97).

This will prevent any HTML appended onto the page using the_content() from being escaped, and displayed as plain text on the page.

So in short, you want to change

/* Generate the announcement excerpt. */
echo wp_kses_post( timeline_express_get_announcement_excerpt( $post->ID ) );


/* Generate the announcement excerpt. */
echo timeline_express_get_announcement_excerpt( $post->ID );

For help on customizing the Timeline Express timeline container template, please see our knowledge base article
How do I customize the announcement container on the timeline?

If you are a pro license holder and need help, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to get this task done for you.

Known Themes/Plugins

Here is a few list of themes and plugins that have been known to conflict with Timeline Express, and require the fix outlined above to be put into place for things to work properly.

Note: This is not an exhaustive list, but instead is a list of themes/plugins that have been reported to us as displaying symptoms of this bug. If you have found a theme or plugin not listed here, please let us know so we can add it to our list.