If you just updated to Timeline Express Pro version 1.2, and your timeline looks different than the previous version – that’s because in the latest release we’ve re-written parts of the stylesheet and the javascript files that are loaded. You’ll first notice that between each announcement, the spacing is now much closer than in previous versions. This was one of the highest request features from our users, and it took a lot of work to implement – but we think things look truly amazing now.

One of the benefits of enabling this, is that two announcements can now appear in succession on the same side of the Timeline with out any adverse effects. If you have a long announcement, followed by two shorter ones, you’ll find that they now flow better on the Timeline, both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

If you’ve made customizations to a previous version, and want to roll back to how your timeline looked in the previous release – you can easily do so by checking off the Enable Legacy Support options, which was included in Timeline Express Pro version 1.2.

You’ll locate the option by heading into ‘Timeline Express > Settings‘, and scrolling down towards the bottom.

Enable Legacy Support Option

If you just want to increase the gap between each announcement, you can do so by adding the following CSS to your stylesheet:

/** Keep the first announcement container flush to the top **/
.cd-timeline-block:first-child {
    margin-top: 0 !important;
/** Tweak the distance between announcements **/
.cd-timeline-block {
    margin-top: 3em !important;

HTML in Excerpts

In the new version, Timeline Express no longer supports HTML markup. If you were using the announcements to display images, videos or links – you may notice that they no longer display as such.

You can use the following knowledge base article to help re-enable HTML excerpts. With the snippet found on that page, you will be able to customize the excerpts fully to your needs, on a per announcement basis.

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