Pagination was enabled in Timeline Express Pro version 1.3.2. To ensure pagination works properly, please ensure that you have updated to version 1.3.2 or laeter.

Paginating the timeline is extremely helpful when you have a rather lengthy timeline with a lot of announcements to display. With the pagination feature, you can limit the timeline to a set number of announcements, and then display pagination links below the timeline to allow your users to browse through the timeline. This is great because it prevents your pages from getting unruly and having your users scroll down long pages – which they might otherwise get bored of.

Display Pagination

Limiting your timeline to a certain number of announcements on load, and then enabling the pagination links is as simple as adding two new parameters to your shortcode. The two new shortcode parameters are limit and pagination.

Limit is the number of announcements you would like displayed back to the user on initial page load. This is an integer value and can be any number of your choosing. If you to enable pagination, set the limit to a lower number than the total number of announcements you have to display. If you wanted to display 5 announcements on the timeline, set the limit to 5 (eg: `[timeline-express limit="5"]`).

Pagination is the way that you can toggle on or off the pagination of a post. If you don’t want the pagination links enabled for the timeline, you can ignore this parameter and just limit the timeline to a certain number of posts. To display the pagination links below the timeline, set ‘pagination’ to 1 in the shortcode (eg: `[timeline-express limit="5" pagination="1"]`).

Enabling the pagination links will display pagination below the timeline and will allow your users to browse through the timeline, instead of scrolling through the page to view each announcement.


Timeline Express Pagination Example

Styling the Pagination

In addition to the new pagination feature added in Timeline Express Pro verison 1.3.2, new options were added to the settings page to allow you to quickly and easily style the pagination links generated on the page.

To access the new settings you’ll want to head into Timeline Express > Settings, from the dashboard.

To learn more about the new Timeline Express pagination style options, please see our documentation article Timeline Express Settings.

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