Timeline Express comes with an intuitive administrative dashboard, allowing you to manage all of your announcements with ease.

Timeline Express - Manage Announcements

1) New Announcement

The ‘New Announcement’ button at the top of the page is used to create new announcements from the manage announcements page. Additionally you can select ‘New Announcement’ in the left hand sidebar, nested underneath ‘Timeline Express’. Clicking this will redirect you to the ‘New Announcement‘ page.

2) Action Links/Bulk Actions

The action links at the top of the manage announcement page allows you to sort between your published, draft or deleted announcements. Additionally you can perform some bulk actions to each of your announcements, by clicking the check box and selecting a bulk action from the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down. To the right of the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down, you can filter your announcements by date.

3) Announcement Actions

Hovering on an existing announcement will display additional actions. Among those actions you can choose from ‘Edit‘, ‘Quick Edit‘, ‘Trash‘ and ‘View‘.

Edit will bring you to the announcement edit page, where you can edit any of the current announcement data. Quick edit displays a few options you can tweak associated with the related announcement.

Trash will send the selected announcement to the trash, and will no longer appear on your site.

View will lead you to the single announcement template for the selected announcement. If you want to view how your users will see an announcement, you can view the announcement by clicking this link.

4) Color/Icon/Announcement Date

Color is the color that you have assigned to the given announcement. This is a visual preview of the color that will be used on the front end of your site.

Icon is a quick representation of the icon that will be used on the front end of your site.

Announcement Date is the date you have assigned to the respective announcement. This is not the date the announcement was published, but the date that the announcement/event occurred.

5) Image/Announcement Past?

Image is a quick preview of the image assigned to the respective announcement.

Announcement Past is a visual representation of whether the respective announcement has passed. This compares the current date to the ‘Announcement Date’, and if it has passed will display a small watch icon – indicating that it is a past event. This is useful if you are maintaining a timeline of future events, and want to delete old, past announcements.

Pro Tip: All of the columns in the manage announcement table can be hidden. For example, if you didn’t want to display the ‘Announcement Image’ and the ‘Announcement Past’ column, you can hide them. In the top right hand corner of your screen, click on ‘Screen Options‘. Inside of the dropdown, you can toggle the visibility of any column except for the ‘Announcement Name’ column.

Timeline Express - Manage Announcement Screen Options

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