You have the option to create additional timelines, so you can display specific announcements in specific locations. After defining your additional timelines, you can assign them on the edit/create announcement page, inside of the ‘Announcement Info.‘ section.

Timeline Express - Timelines Page

1) Name

The name input field is the name of your timeline. This is what will appear under ‘Associated Timeline’ in the ‘Announcement Info.’ of the edit announcement page. Keep in mind, if you are displaying filtering options on the front end of your site – the name of this timeline will also display in the ‘Timeline’ dropdown.

2) Slug

The slug is the name of the timeline, and how it will appear in the URL. There is no current timeline archive page bundled with the plugin, so this doesn’t have much use. Leaving it at the default value works well.

3) Description

The description field is used by admins on your site, and is helpful in determining what each timeline is used for. It won’t be displayed on the front end of your site, but it can be used for organization.

4) Manage Existing Timelines

Hovering over an existing timeline in the right hand table will reveal an additional menu.

Edit‘ allows you to edit an existing timeline and it’s associated settings. The timeline edit page will appear similar to the current page.

Quick Edit‘ will reveal a limited number of settings you can edit without directing away from the current page. If you’re going to be editing a lot of timelines, you can use quick edit to help speed up your workflow.

Delete‘ does exactly what it says. It will delete an existing timeline from your site completely. Any existing announcements assigned to the timeline, will no longer be assigned to the deleted timeline.

View‘ allows you to view the archive template for the given timeline. We have not included a timeline archive page (but may do so in future) so this option doesn’t have much use at the current time.

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