Example Error:
Invalid Date Format Warning

When you install the Historical Dates Add-on the formats of the dates are altered to allow for dates dating back to as far as the year 1000. This is made possible by the add-on by re-formatting the dates before they ever get stored in the database.

Because of this, if you were previously using either the free or pro version of Timeline Express and had set-up your announcements before you installed the add-on, you’ll just need to update your announcements so that they get stored in the database in the correct format.

You can do this by heading back into the announcements that are displaying this warning, re-setting the date (if need be), and re-saving the announcement by clicking on ‘Update’.

If you don’t have any of our add-ons installed, please reach out to our support staff for personal assistance.


  1. Dear Sir or Madam,
    currently I get the error described above.
    I am useing “Timeline Express” Version
    Timeline Express – Historical Dates Addon Version 1.1

    I did as recommended and updated/resaved the announcement.
    There is no effect visible.

    Have you any advice?

    Best regards,

    • Just forgot to mention:

      I am using WordPress Version 4.6.1
      WPML Multilingual CMS
      The Template comes from “Enfold”.


      • Just to be clear, on your settings page (Settings > General) you set your date to ‘m/d/Y’? If you have that date format set, you should be able to go back and set a date and then re-save the announcement with out any issues. After setting the date, an example announcement date would be 10/12/2016.

        We are currently working on a way to store dates that are outside of that format for the historical dates format add-on. Since many of our users are outside of the US, and use different formats – this is at the top of our ‘to do’ list.



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