You can disable all of the bundled icons and icon categories from displaying in the Announcement Icon browser window, allowing you to only show your own custom icons and custom icon categories. This is great for those who are handing off a project to a client who only wants access to their own custom icons.

Disabling the default bundled icons allows for faster locating of your own custom icons, instead of sorting through the sea of 1500+ bundled icons to find your own.

Code Snippet

You’ll want to add the following snippet of code to your theme (or child theme) functions.php file, a custom plugin or an MU plugin that you setup.

 * Prevent the default icons from showing up in the Announcement Icons tab
 * @type boolean
add_filter( 'timeline_express_image_icons_default_icons', '__return_false' );

You can see in the screenshots above, that the end result is that all 1500+ bundled icons are excluded from the Announcement Icon browser window and only our custom, Blood-icon.png, is visible. And in the category drop-down we only have the custom icon category, ‘Blood’, to choose from.