After you’ve installed and activated Timeline Express – Image Icons Add-On and entered your license, you’re all set to start utilizing the add-on and adding beautiful icons to existing and new announcements in just a few clicks.

Browing Icons

On any of your existing announcements, or any future announcements you may create, you’ll see a new field available to you. The new field is titled Image Icon and is just beneath the “Associated Timeline” field if using Timeline Express Pro, or the “Announcement Banner” field if using Timeline Express Free.

Clicking on the ‘Add or Upload Icon’ link will bring up the default WordPress media uploader. From here, you can upload your own icon files, or click on the ‘Announcement Icons’ tab and browse through over 1500+ icons that we have included in the add-on.

Filtering the Icons

With over 1500+ icons included in Timeline Express – Image Icons Add-On, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the large selection of beautiful icons. We’ve incorporated a method of filtering the icons to allow for a quick selection of an appropriate icon based on your needs.

Select an Icon

Clicking on any of the icons will bring you to a secondary preview window, with just the icon you have selected visible. Here you can confirm the chosen icon and click on ‘Use Icon’ button in the bottom right-hand corner.

The icon will then be assigned to the announcement and will be visible beneath the ‘Add or Upload Icon’ link.

Front End Display

You can go ahead and update the remaining sections of the announcement to your liking. Once you’ve done so and the announcement is published to your timeline, you should now see the new custom icon visible on the front end of the site.

Additional Examples

Browsing Experience .gif (click to preview)

Front End Display of Image Icons

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