The following image is a visual representation of where all the hooks are located within the plugin. The first section is a visual guide of the Timeline Express Announcement Container, which displays on the timeline itself.

The second section is the Timeline Express Single Page Template, which is what gets displayed when you click on a single announcement from the timeline, to view it’s full contents.

How to use this guide…
All text that appears in red is the name of the hook – and the visual representation of where your content will appear when hooking into the specific location. You can use the visual guide below to help aid in you the proper location to hook into to display content in a given location.

Timeline Express Announcement Container Hooks Visual Guide

Example: A good location to hook into to display social media share buttons would be the timeline-express-container-top or timeline-express-container-bottom hooks.

Timeline Express Container - Hooks Visual Guide

Timeline Express Single Page Hooks Visual Guide

Example: A good location to hook into to display social media share buttons, on the single announcement template, would be the timeline-express-single-before-content hook.

Timeline Express Single Page - Hooks Visual Guide

Note: Three sections of text in the image above was added using filter. You’ll notice that in the parenthesis next to those, we state what hook it is we’re using. The first two, custom before title and custom after title were added using the_title() filter, built into WordPress.

The last one, custom content appended were added using our custom filter timeline_express_single_content( $announcement_content, $announcement_id );, but can also be appended using the built in WordPress function the_content().

Hopefully after seeing a visual representation of where each hook displays on the page, you have a better understanding of how you can utilize the built in hooks to extend Timeline Express to your needs. These hooks make Timeline Express fully extensible, allowing other third party plugins or developers to hook into, and make use of, the built in action hooks. All of the hooks illustrated above have their uses, and we’ve built them in with the end user in mind.

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