Note: The following snippet will only work with Timeline Express Pro. The filter is not included in the free version of Timeline Express.

Some implementations require that announcements be ‘hierarchical’, meaning that they can be assigned a parent (similar to the way pages work within WordPress). This is possible with a little tweaking, and only requires a single code snippet to enable.

When the Timeline Express announcement post type is registered only two things are included in the `supports` array. Fortunately, we’ve included a filter allowing users to add additional items to that array – beefing up the functionality of the announcement post types contained within Timeline Express.

For additional support parameters see the ‘Arguments’ section of the register_post_type codex page.

Code Snippet:

The following code snippet should be added to your themes functions.php file. If you are unsure how to edit your themes functions.php file you can also add the code snippet to your site using a third party plugin such as My Custom Functions.

 * Enable the 'Page Attributes' metabox on announcements
 * @param  array $supports The supports array
 * @return array
function enable_parent_announcements( $supports ) {

	$supports[] = 'page-attributes';

	return $supports;

add_filter( 'timeline_express_announcement_supports', 'enable_parent_announcements' );

Once added, you can save the file and view any of the announcements on the dashboard. You should now see the ‘Page Attributes’ meta box visible, allowing you to assign parents to your announcements.