The announcement archive is the template that gets displayed when you visit your site, at the URL

Out of the box, there is no bundled template file included with Timeline Express – as this page is never referenced within the plugin itself, so it’s rare that a user should land on this page.

However, you may want to include this template file, to fully customize the announcement archive template page. This would allow you to display the announcements however you’d like, and customize the layout to your needs.

If you do not customize the template, your themes default blog template will be used – which will most likely be the same layout as your homepage if it were set to display the most recent blog postings.

To setup a custom template page, you’ll want to create a template file with the name archive-te_announcements.php in the root of your them. Once you’ve created this template file, it will then be used on all announcement archive pages. You can then write a custom query based on a set of custom parameters, or use the default index.php template file to flesh out an archive page to fit your needs.

If you do indeed want to write custom queries, some of the following information may be helpful to you:

  • Post Type: te_announcements
  • Timelines: Taxonomy: timeline_express_categories
  • Categories Taxonomy: timeline

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