Welcome to the new blog area of our site. This section is going to house many of our tutorials and additional content that just doesn’t fit right under the Documentation section.

We’re extremely excited to launch the blog just before we release Timeline Express Pro v2. We’re looking forward to consistently providing quality content and tutorials for our users to follow along with. While our Documentation might have a few tutorials, they are basic (at best). Many of our users find them confusing or are unsure of how to proceed with the provided code. In our new tutorials, we’ll go into great detail and outline every step of the process, while providing tips and tricks to up your development game!

As Timeline Express continues to grow, we will be outlining new features as they are released, announcing add-ons, writing tutorials on how to extend or customize Timeline Express, announcing sales and giveaways and so much more.

Keep your eye on the new blog section of the site for some cool things to come!

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Evan is a full time WordPress Product Engineer at GoDaddy.. When he's not there you can find him developing awesome plugins, blogging about WordPress or hanging out with his five cats and amazing girlfriend in Philadelphia, PA.

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